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2015 Goals

To be one of the best private residential colleges in the Midwest by 2015, we must fulfill the following goals.

Generally Speaking

  1. Reach and maintain our "right" size of 1,100 to 1,200 full-time students.
  2. Offer a top-quality Morningside experience where the word "residential" encompasses academics, co-curricular activities, residence life, and all other aspects of student life, as well as physical space.
  3. Achieve a culture where graduation in four years is expected and accomplished.

Academic Affairs

Academic Programs

  1. Be recognized as an institution with leading pre-professional programs that meet market demands and are enhanced by our liberal arts curriculum; that is known for the quality of our programs in fine arts, especially vocal and instrumental music; and with well subscribed majors in the humanities, natural sciences, and social sciences.

Academic Support

  1. Reach the point where the effective use of information technology by students and faculty is ubiquitous on campus.
  2. Create a culture where the library transitions from a book-centered location to a student-centered facility and becomes a place of increased student activity, housing other services such as the Achievement Center and the Learning Disability Program, and has transitioned from being a warehouse for texts to serving as a gateway to information and a learning laboratory for information literacy.

Advising & Assessment

  1. Achieve a culture where mentoring (not just advising) occurs every day, all faculty are able to assist students with whatever academic interests they have, and our assessment initiatives demonstrate the effectiveness of our efforts.


  1. Achieve a culture in which all faculty members live the spirit of the Walker Faculty Excellence Awards.
  2. Achieve greater visibility and stature for the faculty within the Midwest.
  3. Reach the point where faculty compensation falls at least in the middle of the tier 5 comparison schools.

Student Services & Enrollment


  1. Shape the profile of the 290 to 310 new freshmen and 80 transfers to include raised academic achievement and diversity.

Retention/Student Life

  1. Significantly expand our career service opportunities.
  2. Address the needs of our students holistically to include health services, college ministries, personal counseling, food service, recreation, and wellness.
  3. Provide effective co-curricular educational opportunities for our students.
  4. Provide enhanced academic support services.
  5. Continue to nurture our Learning Disabilities Program while capping the program at 40 students.
  6. Support an athletic program that: a) reflects positively on the image of the institution; b) remains fully subscribed; c) provides a high quality educational experience for our students; and d) continues to occupy a proper, appropriate perspective in terms of financial support and student time commitment.

Institutional Advancement

  1. Successfully complete the This Is Our Moment campaign, having raised the necessary funds to complete the identified projects and developed relationships with donors willing and able to provide leadership for the next campaign.
  2. Improve the connectedness of the institution to its alumni base, including alumni giving, meaningful involvement, and participation in events.
  3. Plan and implement a multi-year campaign focused on endowment growth and on-going plant needs.

Finance & Investment

Stay on course with our financial forecast

  1. Continue to implement a compensation plan that is based upon merit and incentives and allows our respective faculty and staff compensation to be at least at the mean of our aspirant group.
  2. Carefully monitor and report student/faculty ratios and staff positions to the campus community and the Board of Directors to improve appropriate staffing levels.
  3. Improve the institution's financial health, to include reducing the accumulated operating deficit by at least $4 million.
  4. Reduce endowment-spending rate to 5 percent of a previous 3-year average.
  5. With input from the Finance & Facilities Committee, monitor and control, when possible, expenditures such as insurance, utilities and health care.
  6. Maintain and enhance the aesthetic appeal of our campus, including investing at least $2 million on deferred maintenance issues (not including campaign projects).

Public Relations

  1. Achieve control and consistency of message to external audiences.
  2. Educate external audiences on the meaning and value of being one of the best private residential colleges in the Midwest.
  3. Increase positive awareness of Morningside College in the minds of prospective students in the Midwest.
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